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In consideration of being allowed access to the ice (as defined below) as a participant in any curling activity, I , for myself and my estate, successors, heirs, beneficiaries, administrators, trustees, representatives, and attorneys do hereby remise, release, acquit, and forever discharge (i) Upper Valley Curling and/or the Woodstock Curling Club, a Vermont non-profit, (the "Club"); (ii) the Grand National Curling Club. ("GNCC"); (iii) the respective successors and assigns or each of the Club, and GNCC and (iv) the respective employees, officers, and directors, but only while acting in their capacity as such, of each of the Club or GNCC (collectively, the "Releasees") from any and all actions, causes of action, claims, demands, and liabilities, both in law and equity for damages and any court costs and legal expenses and fees associated therewith in respect of physical, mental, and bodily injury occurring to me while participating in any curling activity prior to the Expiration Date (as defined below); provided, however, that in the event such injury was caused, in whole or in part, by the willful, intentional, reckless, or grossly negligent action or failure to take action of any Releasee, such Releasee shall not be so remised, released, acquitted, or discharged hereby; and provided, further, that nothing herein shall be deemed 
to limit or exclude any action, cause of action, claim, demand, liability, payment, reimbursement, other benefit, or any court costs or legal expenses and fees that I or my estate, successors, heirs, beneficiaries, administrators, trustees, representatives, or attorneys might have or seek against (a) the Club's "Participant Medical Accident" insurance coverage, (b) any other participant participating in any curling activity, or (c) against any other person or entity other than a Releasee.

The ice shall mean the location, (arena, private club, or outdoor rink) containing sheets of ice in which the sport of curling is played and which is being operated by Club. The Expiration Date shall mean the date which is one (1) calendar year after the reading and acknowledgment of this Release.

I certify that I am at least eighteen (18) years of age and have the legal capacity to execute this Participant Release on my own behalf.

I hereby revoke any and all releases of liability, waivers, and indemnifications previously executed by me in favor of any of the Releasees.

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